The problem...

In a healthy organization company growth is centered on sales growth. Though we all know that, most strategic plans and goals don’t support this basic premise. In the strategic plans I see and leader conversations I have, there are forecasts and expectations for sales growth. There are also budget line items for investments in equipment, staffing, and product development. There are goals and budgets for what is needed to produce more of what they sell.

What is often missing is the goal and budget line item that really grows sales: the plan that identifies growth potential, alignment of systems and processes, and determining how effective your team will be in growing sales.

Before identifying a goal and budget, strategize the approach to the sales organization as with any other discipline in your business. Begin with an audit. We have audits for operations, production, and accounting. What about an audit of the sales organization? Strip down the personalities and numbers to really identify growth potential, and barriers that should be removed, to achieve your company’s sales potential.

Once the potential and barriers are identified, craft and execute a plan to get you where you need to grow.

What is Sales Audit?

Sales Audit is a comprehensive, systematic, periodic evaluation and interpretation of business environment, objectives, strategies and principles to determine the areas of problems or opportunities. The audit  recommends an action plan to improve the entire sales performance.

The sales audit is performed by a sales auditor, who can come from  the organization or outside the firm.

Why is it important?

Usually to evaluate the effectiveness of the entire corporate sales function, a sales audit helps businesses evaluate the effectiveness of all  sales processes and identify the areas that need to be improved.

Audits are important, but what do they refer to?

An audit provides recommendations for improvement after the thorough assessment of your business’s position in the market. As an important procedure to ensure quality and optimal performance, an audit can help determine if they meet the required sales standards.

What makes the difference?

In many ways, a sales audit is similar to the other types of business audits such as financial or tax audits.
However, there is a key difference between sales and the other types of audits.

A sales audit is not limited to one aspect of the sales process rather it involves the detailed review of the entire sales function. 

This is what makes a business sales audit so crucial.

The real benefits

A sales audit can help you identify the areas of your sales activity that need improving. A  sales audit is a process that improves the overall sales performance and may cover the following areas:



Sales channels and distribution

Sales strategy



Compensation plans

Client satisfaction

Sales Audit can help improve ROI

A sales audit helps businesses find out about the strengths and weaknesses of their sales function and the ways to improve their overall sales strategy. Shortly, a business sales audit can help make better sales decisions. This will ensure your business increase sales growth. A periodic analysis of what is working and what is not, a sales audit is digging into the sales process identify opportunities, trends, bottlenecks and barriers. 

If sales audit is performed correctly, it can help the solid improvement of sales ROI.

Do it annually

Many businesses make the mistake of not performing sales audit at all.

The best option is to deliver annual sales audits that allow you to stay on top of good business decisions and may help improve sales effectiveness by 25% in 90 days !


Attila is a C-level senior executive in the ICT industry with 30 years of domestic and international experience, including 25 years in variety of C-level board positions.In the past three decades Attila built up and managed several IT and telco green field and large organizations achieving massive market share in different ICT businesses in domestic and international markets in CEE.
Substantial sales & business development leadership and solid commercial experience: leading a team of 800 people, running a €450m P&L, sales, business and strategy development, practice in both B2B and B2C segments, wired, wireless and IT related services.

“Attila is an effective Sales Director. He is results focussed, driven and professional. He built a successful team and motivated the team. He is a good communicator and leads by example. Attila is extremely successful at networking with customers and business partners and established a good rapport with his peers.” – Attila Vitai, Former CEO of Vodafone Hungary.


Revitalizing underperforming telco and info communication operations, strategic planning and analysis, change management, domestic and international operations, regional sales network and marketing management, major account (including public sector) management. Strategic consulting, P&L responsibility, sales strategy development and setting up greenfield operations.

Guest lecturer at Óbuda University – Budapest – Hungary  (Subject: Startup Management)


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